My first DDoS attack for a $200 ransom

Last week-end could have been a really nice week-end with some ex-colleagues and friends, in Bali. Instead, some jerk choose to DDoS us a Saturday afternoon at 4pm. Hackers, please respect my days-off!

What is the best CDN for your assets?

Based on the idea that loading assets that are already cached on user browser is the fastest, let's have a look on switching from your localy-Grunt-generated-minified-uglified-jQuery-Bootstrap file to multiple separated request to popular CDN.

Install MySQL 5.7 on OSX El Capitan

Homebrew only allow you to install MySQL 5.6, but the new RC version give you access to Spatial features, let's upgrade!

Entity choicelist without bringing the whole entity

Symfony forms have a nice entity type, but it will eat your memory if you have a too large entity. Here is the solution!