Servantes d’assemblées ou filles de chœur ?

Devoir de liturgie pour mon premier semestre de FI-2 aux Bernardins.

Looking for an open source uptime monitoring system

I've been using UptimeRobot for a few years but their website is really unusable.

My first DDoS attack for a $200 ransom

Last week-end could have been a really nice week-end with some ex-colleagues and friends, in Bali. Instead, some jerk choose to DDoS us a Saturday afternoon at 4pm. Hackers, please respect my days-off!

What is the best CDN for your assets?

Based on the idea that loading assets that are already cached on user browser is the fastest, let's have a look on switching from your localy-Grunt-generated-minified-uglified-jQuery-Bootstrap file to multiple separated request to popular CDN.